European Association of Model Railroaders and Railroad Friends

September 2017

The technical commission has concluded its 121st session during the congress in Groningen. Our technical director Achim Sührig could not take part due the health problems unfortunately. The commission sessions were led by our Honorary Member Hans Hug.

The General Assembly has activated the following revised NEM:

  1. NEM 004 Attachement 120170904 103812
  2. NEM 004 Attachement Test Protocol
  3. NEM 102 Borders of the free room with straight trachs
  4. NEM 201 Length of the overheas catenaty wire
  5. NEM 202 Pantographs for overhead catenary operation
  6. NEM 611 Electrical voltage for stationary devices
  7. NEM 641 Digital train support - electrical characteristics
  8. NEM 650 Electrical interface for modell vehicles
  9. NEM 651 Electrical interface - 6 poles
  10. NEM 652 Electrical interface - 8 poles


NEM 654 Electrical interface - Version large

Redactionel revision:

NEM 105 Tunnel profiles for standard gauge